Sunday, September 7, 2008

Before I Go...

This week I have been getting odds and ends together for LA. I am grateful for many altruistic Vermonters for helping me prepare. Foremost, my trainer David Chess. Without David pushing me I would not feel as healthy ad happy as I do. I owe him so much! You're the best David. I also am grateful to C at Fiori Bridal for altering some cocktail and competition attire for me. These sponsorships are an asset to my preparedness.

Speaking of LA...I have been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a Vermonter. If the opportunity to share with the Nation what Vermont is all about arises in LA I want to be prepared. Being born, raised, and educated in the 802 gives me great anecdotal evidence of why I believe this state to be so great. A few words come to mind when describing the essence of our, service, mentors, simplicity, & nature top the list, among many others. I leave for LA in two weeks. It anyone wishes to share why they love Vermont and what they believe the essence of Vermont to be please write a response. I welcome your input.

I hope this gorgeous week has treated you well. Don't forget to vote in your Primary Election on Tuesday!

Love & Blessings,


Jeremy said...

Hey is Jeremy Berrian. Have been reading your blog entries and it sounds like you have had a blast traveling around! Busy Busy girl.
Will be in touch - but I hope to see ya'll in Vegas sometime in January!

Kim said...

Vermont represents a quickly vanishing way of life - a group of people who support their local businesses, eat off the land (as much as possible), enjoy the natural beauty surrounding them and try to enjoy each day as it comes. Vermonters are welcoming, humble, happy and relaxed. The Wheeler family has shown me what it means to be a Vermonter over the years - hospitality, hard work and the importance of family.