Sunday, September 7, 2008

Before I Go...

This week I have been getting odds and ends together for LA. I am grateful for many altruistic Vermonters for helping me prepare. Foremost, my trainer David Chess. Without David pushing me I would not feel as healthy ad happy as I do. I owe him so much! You're the best David. I also am grateful to C at Fiori Bridal for altering some cocktail and competition attire for me. These sponsorships are an asset to my preparedness.

Speaking of LA...I have been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a Vermonter. If the opportunity to share with the Nation what Vermont is all about arises in LA I want to be prepared. Being born, raised, and educated in the 802 gives me great anecdotal evidence of why I believe this state to be so great. A few words come to mind when describing the essence of our, service, mentors, simplicity, & nature top the list, among many others. I leave for LA in two weeks. It anyone wishes to share why they love Vermont and what they believe the essence of Vermont to be please write a response. I welcome your input.

I hope this gorgeous week has treated you well. Don't forget to vote in your Primary Election on Tuesday!

Love & Blessings,