Saturday, December 20, 2008

A few hours ago my phone rang and it was Miss New York. Leigh-Taylor said "In 4 weeks from right now we will be done our Miss America interviews!" ahhhhh!
Wow! Where have the months gone? It feels like just yesterday we had months to prepare. Now...we have weeks!

I am feeling great about it at this point. I have had some great mock interviews and done a lot of work with my fabulous voice coach and trainer. The hardest part about this time of year is saying "no" to all those holiday goodies that come out annually.

Besides mock interviews, walking practice, voice, and personal training, I have enjoyed traveling the state in the last few weeks. The last few weekends have been full of many encounters with Santa Claus, starry eyed children, and Christmas carols. In Saint Johnsbury last weekend (in 5 degree cold!) I spent time outside collecting can food and donations for the Northest Kingdom's local food shelves. The drive brought in thousands of pounds of food for local families in need. It feels great to give especially when we know our goodwill is helping our neighbors.

Last Sunday, I especially enjoyed meeting the heroic families of the Vermont National Guard at their annual Christmas party. The party was complete by Home Depot building workshops for the kids, karate demonstrations, nail painting, hair cutting, grand buffet, and stockings for every child. These men and women deserve nothing less. I was most inpressed by the aray of activities they had planned for all members of the family. It is a good time of year to think about these people and remind ourselves that most times it is the families who make the biggest sacrifices with their loved one away.

Today was a great day too. I was at the Red Clover Salon in Essex Junction at their annual holiday reading. I read local children two Christmas books. First I read an unconventional but wonderful children's tail entitled Mr. Willoughby's Christmas Tree and of course the Christmas classic The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. The holiday's are a great time for togetherness and love and I have never expereinced that more than as my travels as Miss Vermont. However, I am mindfull everyday of the families who are struggling in this difficult economic climate. I have been praying everyday for the families who will not be able to put presents under the tree or even have a warm home to sleep in on Christmas Eve. I hope these families and individuals are in your thoughts as well. Let us all remember to give as much (if not more) than we receive this holiday season. Our local foodshelfs and homeless shelters need food, toiletries, and clothing like never before.

I wish you and yours a very happy holiday season!
Be sure to come to my Miss America Send-off Party on January 4th from 1-3pm at the Hoehl Welcome Center at Saint Michael's College. I hope to see you there.

With Love & Blessings,