Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Per my sister's suggestion, it is time to add another entry. It has been long since I last updated, I know, and I apoligize. Two weeks ago I graduated from Saint Michael's College and then took a one week sun and beach holiday with my girlfriends.

I returned from our Florida R&R trip one day earlier then the other ladies. I flew in last Friday night and drove to the Northeast kingdom. The next morning I judged company auditions for the Dance Workshop of Lyndonville. Judging company auditions is a job I take seriously. The Dance Workshop (my true alma mater) is an asset to the young dancers in the community. Under the direction of Sonia Deveroux and Kay Welch young men and women learn true grace, poise, and confidence. I was proud to return to the studio on Saturday!

Sunday was a big day. I stayed in Burlington with my mother and two grandmothers on Saturday night. We rose with the sun (maybe before?) to get to the waterfront in Burlington for the Vermont City Marathon. It was my fifth year taking part in the VCM. This year their were 8,000 runners and at least as many spectators. I sang the National Anthem and ran the last leg of the marathon for my relay team: "The NEK Queens". I did not nail the anthem. I hate walking off a stage feeling that i did not sing my best. I started on too high a key and had to compensate on the big notes. Oh Well. It will be better next time. Running the final leg was awesome. I had a blast. I did not push mytself to run a fast race pace. To be honest, I just enjoyed the 5.8 miles. I looked around at the other runners, the supportive spectators (many with signs of encourage, water hoses, and orange slices), and the incredible scenery of the great state of Vermont. My leg was along the bikepath on the waterfront. What a view! I crossed the finish line with my crown on my head. My mother met me outside the finish area with bobby pins and my crown so i could run the last half mile with the crown on. The thousands of spectators on the waterfront were very responsive. :)

This week I have started working with my personal trainer to get in shape for Miss America. I have over 7 months to become Miss America. I look forward to ever grueling step.

The biggest news and shoutout of the week goes to Shelley Martin and Able Toll at Quality Suzuki in Saint Johnsbury. Under the generous direction of Shelley and Able, Quality Suzuki, is partnering with the Miss Vermont Scholarship Organization by donating a new Suzuki SX4 crossover vehicle for my reign. I was flattered and honored to receive this incredibly generous sponsorship. The car is being decaled as i write and I can't wait to start driving it. One thing is for sure, with all the decals on the car, if I am on the won't miss me!

All My Best,

p.s. I enjoy reading your responses. Thanks for all the support!


NickFranLiam said...

This is fun! We get to go on the journey with you!

Kim said...

How cool! You get a miss Vermont car? I can't wait to see you on the road and be so proud to know the girl driving it! I love the marathon pictures I've seen - especially with the crown!

Cheryl said...

Hi Ashley,
I have been enjoying reading your blog and seeing how much joy and enthusiasm you are bringing to your experience as Miss Vermont. I would like to use your comments about Stars and Stripes in the next Chamber newsletter...hope that is ok! I'll have to get ok from the "Prez":). You make everyone so proud...good luck in LA!Cheryl McMahon