Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Night to Remember!

I have packed suitcases, dress bags, and of course a crown and sash sitting on the floor behind my desk as I write, begging to be unpacked, but I want to stop amidst the hubbub of the last 24 hours to share with you my experience. I have competed for Miss Vermont three times. Every expereince has taught me something about myself and helped me grow. However, out of the three years I have been to Miss Vermont pageant weekend, this was my favorite. I don't say that because I won, quite to the contrary. Last night standing backstage before the awards were announced I reflected on what an incredible group of women I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with. I knew any one of us would do this state a great honor by spending the year as Miss Vermont 2008. That is why this weekend was so special!
When my name was called as the winner, I was in shock. I always thought I would cry if it ever happened but instead of tears the most emotion I could express was a giant smile and pump of my fists. From that moment on this is a brief overview of the last 24 hours. -Rachel Ann Cole puts the Miss Vermont 2008 crown on my head...official pictures taken...I briefly meet and thank the and hugs with friends and family...pack up (while reading 14 text messages and 9 voicemails!...guess good news really does travel fast!) from Barre to the Sheraton...stay up talking with mom and dad...few hours of sleep...get up this morning for my first television interview with WCAX...brunch meeting with the MVO and dad escort me to St.Albans for my first official appearance (The Vermont Maple Festival)....and now you are up to speed. I am back at Saint Michael's campus to unpack.
At the Maple Festival today it hit me just how great this year is going to be. I met sweet little girls whose mouths gaped at my crown. I also met a gracious family from Fairfield who were generous enough to allow me to ride in their horse drawn carriage when my convertible did not show up...THANK YOU JEWETT FAMILY! And to be honest I was more proud to be riding with a true Vermont family being pulled behind their beautiful horses than in a car anyway.
The list of people I have to thank is enormous and I hope you all know you are not off the hook yet because I will be relying on you all heavily this year as I travel the state looking for sponsors, promoting my platform, and networking for the Miss Vermont Organization. I dedicate my crowning to those who were there in body and spirit last night. I love you all. Mom and are my rock. Grammy Fay & Grammy strengths are a combination of the example you have set...I love you. JAAKKS (Kevin as the double K) are my NEK life! Harry and Claire...what a lucky lady I am to have a second family like you...the cookie dough is now consumed and what a treat it was! Sonia, Kay, Jackie, dancing ladies to whom I would not be Miss Vermont without your grace and the confidence you instilled in me. Angie and smc mentors...your support is above and beyond...your generousity teaches me true beauty! Erica, Shelley, Rene, Mrs. Percy, Lauren, Lana, Sue Mills...I am so honored you shared that night with me! Fellow each amazed me and I hope you know how much your graciousness last night meant to me. And to those who were unable to attend last night but always love and support gorgeous sister Amanda and my South Carolina Family...the Wheeler Family...the smc gals (thanks to Jill o, Andz, Tracy, Kara, & Aimee for driving to my appearance today!) Australia crew...and the many others who have helped shaped me...I APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO.
I hope you stay tuned as I update this blog throughout my year. I am so excited to get going. MARK THE DATE...I will be singing the National Anthem and running in the Vermont City Marathon on May 25th in Burlington! As well, I look forward to be a guest at the Miss New Hampshire 2008 crowning this coming weekend!

Ashley Wheeler
Miss Vermont 2008! (YAY!)


amanda said...

I LOVE YOU. I may not have been able to be there supporting you during your crowing (and trust me I wish I was) but, you were at the forefront of my thoughts last night. I was with you in spirit. I know you will make the state of Vermont proud. The state has not seen a more incredible representative until now. I loved your mention of the little girls eyeing your crown. To be quite honest, they were probably more impressed by your personality and bright smile. To them, you are a role model and I can't think of a better title for you to have. This will be the year Miss Vermont makes her presence known at the Miss America competition. You are the best sister in the world and I'm so honored that you are representing the state of Vermont.

amanda said...

you can't edit your posts...i missed a letter. I meant CROWNING...not crowing!

Elizabeth said...

So,let's take Amanda's theory of crowing vs. crowning (and I know it was a slip but that's what sisters are put on this earth for)-you have and will continue to awaken the world to a new and beautiful day.
Aunt Liz

NickFranLiam said...

Congrats!!! We are so happy for you. You deserve every bit of it. Amanda was right when she said Vermont has not seen a more incredible representation. You will be great. I know how proud your family is of you, but know that your "extended" family is just as proud!
Lots of Love
Nick Fran and Liam too!

Mrs. Vermont United States 2008 said...


You are true beauty, your style and grace will light up the Vegas strip. You are as well the true essence of what a Vermont woman is and can be, wear your crown proud and always show that beautiful smile. Your family is you greatest gift, I know, it was an honor to sit with them in the audience on saturday evening. Shine bright, stand tall, and lets take home the gold in Vegas and change the pageant history of Vermont!!! Best of luck and god bless.

Danielle Sanderson
Mrs. Vermont United States 2008

Jennifer said...

Ashley!!! I am so excited you won! I had such a great weekend getting to know you and can't wait to continue to get to know you throughout the year! You represent Vermont in such a positive way! When Danielle Sanderson said that you will truly light up the Vegas strip she was right! May you use your crown wisely, people listen when you have something that sparkles on your head... so speak out on everything you hold dear to your heart and remember it is only one year and will only be what you make of it!! You go girl!! God bless!

Jennifer Bisson
Miss Vermont USA 2003

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I found your blog after I viewed your Fenway Park performance and want you to know how very happy I am to meet you. Jan H